It’s been some time since I updated this and for that apologies.

I have now had two infusions of Infliximab, two weeks apart and am due my third tomorrow.

First things first.  For those of you who haven’t had this treatment, it’s a little scary at first – once the canula is in, then a doc and a nurse line up beside the bed and test the oxygen and lay out a whole lot of vials in front of you with things like adrenalin etc in them.  They then sit with you for fifteen minutes, (timed!) to make sure you don’t have some sort of fit.

All went well for me, but at this stage I am still not sure exactly what the drug is doing for me.  I still have an open wound on my left butt-cheek and in the last 10 days that has once again got infected – so I’ve been back on the cipro and flagyl – yeuch.

And that means I am by no means certain that tomorrow’s infusion will go ahead.  Which would be a bad thing.

So what is my current condition?  Well, I can sit down much more comfortably than I have been able to throughout the past year to 18 months.  But there is still some pain, which I must admit I had hoped would have disappeared by now.  And almost more annoyingly, I’m still producing “stuff” from the various wounds around my tail end.

And I had really hoped/expected that that would have gone by now.   Though I suppose I do still have three seton stitches in there.

So better, but not right.  Bit like a school report – doing ok, but could do better.

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