The beginning of the end or the end of the beginning

So this is quite exciting.

Persistence pays off it appears.  I have a second possible date for starting the almost mythical Infliximab.  Next Tuesday.  March 13.

Some hurdles still to overcome.  Chest x-ray and bloods this morning and then a Registrar will be the latest of far too many medical experts to have the joy of reviewing the moonscape which is my backside on Tuesday.

It’s going to be a nervous week since I am still on Penicillin, (that’s the third different antibiotic over the past 6 weeks) to try to make sure I can get to Tuesday without infection, though I am pretty sure from the pain I continue to experience when sitting down that some remains.  Still got the three setons and a couple of open wounds.

What an odd balancing act this is.  Desperately trying to get rid of infection to give me a drug which lowers defences against infection but in which there seems to be great confidence.

Also not sure whether to laugh or cry when I’m cheerfully told, “You have highly complex Crohn’s”.

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