Depression – or why me?

I’ve read articles about Crohn’s which say that taking Omega 3 as a supplement has no significant specific benefit for IBD sufferers, and that is quite possibly true.  But stay with me – there are less direct excellent effects.takeomega3

But Omega 3 is a natty little substance – especially when taken at very high levels of something called EPA, (no lengthening of the words here – it’s too complicated).  Nevertheless, you won’t have to search far for an all round positive review of the properties of Omega 3.

A reduction in inflammation is one, and that’s got to be good news for us all.  But there is also now evidence, backed up by some decent scientific research concerning the benefits of taking Omega 3 on mood swings.  In some cases, high EPA level Omega 3 has been recommended as an alternative to Prozac.

Now we Crohn’s and Colitis sufferers wouldn’t be human if we didn’t have our low moments, and for some of us those stretch into days, weeks or months.  With a general lack of understanding in the outside world and therefore a lack of sympathy, we know how easy it is to feel isolated, lonely and a little desperate.

Why is my life dominated by this disease?  If it’s “incurable”, where is an end to my suffering.  And all this is made even worse, by an inability to work, by surgery or by a really tough bout of active disease.

I’m sure we all have our own ways of combating feeling low – but taking a high level Omega 3 supplement such as takeomega3, ( is not a bad idea.

And I mention takeomega3 because its formulation is pretty much pharmaceutical grade, (at least 75% and probably higher)- and trying to check the real levels of EPA or indeed Omega 3 itself in the countless bottles on the supermarket/pharmacy shelves is a nightmare.

Oh – and taking Omega 3 also tightens the skin, (good for wrinkles) and improves healing.

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