Pain vs Sick

Anyone who has or is suffering from Crohn’s or Ulcerative Colitis, knows what both pain and feeling really ill are about.  Often at the same time.

But after probably around 20 visits to the emergency wards in a few of our hospitals over the past few years, I find there is a difference.

I have been in excruciating pain when I still had an intestine and more recently from perianal fistulae.  But I have always know when I am really ill from that moment when you are admitted to a small booth in A&E.

I am referring to that feeling of relief, of no longer having to pretend you’re not feeling so bad, of knowing that someone else is now going to take care of you, that soon you will be feeling better.  Many of the same feelings accompany an admission with just high level pain – but without the surrender to absolute exhaustion.

I never knew how incredibly tired I was from keeping up appearances, until I lay on that uncomfortably hard “bed” immediately after admission to hospital and more often than not, fell asleep.Diseased large intestine - Ulcerative Colitis

I’m not giving any particular insight here – just acknowledging my own feelings and hoping that you readers will recognise the same experiences.

And for those who feel this blog is more about Crohn’s than UC – here’s an unpleasant image of the damage done by UC to bring it all home.  And a link below that suggests we all need to see more of the sun ……




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